Gnarly Grey SLVS-EC Interface IP

Sony image sensors have a variety of electrical interfaces depending on rate, resolution and application. For image sensors above 20MP and 30fps the Sony SLVS-EC interface provides high speed connectivity at over 2.3Gbps/lane while eliminating the need for a dedicated clock lane and interpair trace matching.

The Gnarly Grey SLVS-EC Interface IP converts multiple data lanes of SLVS-EC sensor data to pixels and provides access to necessary packet control indicators. It is targeted and optimized for Lattice Semiconductor FPGAs providing real-time video interfacing of Sony SLVS-EC image sensors.

Gnarly Grey SLVS-EC Interface IP Features

  • 1, 2, 4 and 8 Data Lanes
  • 2.304Gbps and 1.152Gbps Baud Rates
  • Supports and converts 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16-bit pixel depths
  • Provides access to ECC and CRC checksums for header and data payload
  • Supports both dynamically updatable or resource optimized configuration control
  • Single or multiple data stream support
  • SLVS-EC Version 1.2 Compliant

Gnarly Grey Digital Image Processor IP

The Gnarly Grey Digital Image Processor is a standard image processing pipeline and companion microprocessor optimized to target Lattice Semiconductor FPGAs. The image processor can be used with any digital image sensor and can process HD and UHD video streams in real time. Additionally, higher resolution and frame rate processing can be achieved by instantiating multiple pipelines controlled by the same microprocessor. All modules are implemented in FPGA resources allowing for flexible use case modifications and optimizations.

Gnarly Grey Digital Image Processor Features

  • Median Filter for Noise and Defective Pixel Correction
  • Global Offset Adjustment for Black Level Correction
  • 3x3 Demosaic/Debayer with 3x3 Averaging Filter for Antialiasing
  • Color Correction Matrix
  • White Balance Gain Control
  • Gamma Correction
  • Embedded Microprocessor for Black Level, AWB, AE, Gamma table, and sensor configuration


Gnarly Grey provides a 3D GPU IP that utilizes the OpenGL ES instruction set. The IP allows for unique and custom implementations as well as optimizations for your particular design needs.